Five ways a round rug can enhance a room

Five ways a round rug can enhance a room
If we start by looking at almost any room, we're going to find that it is almost always some form of rectangular construction. This can make it appear slightly harsh-lined and impersonal. The careful use of stylish, round rugs can enhance the look and feel of any room.

Softening that first impression

The first benefit of the effective use of rounds rugs is to offset this initial impression by bringing to it a softer and more intimate area. With a variety of sizes to choose from, this effect can work in rooms of different floor areas in your home.

Oasis 456 Multi Grey Rustic Round Rug

An impression of space

Secondly, you may have smaller rooms in your home and are wondering how these can appear more spacious. Again, adding a circle rug helps to change the impression of that space. It can soften the hard edges and deliver a pool of welcoming space, sub-consciously adding a touch of depth to your room.

Enhancing the flooring

Next, if you consider the current flooring in a room, it can be easy to appreciate how a specific choice of round area rug can combine with it and enhance the overall aspect. This is true, for example, when a burnt orange or rust-coloured round rug is matched with traditional or modern wooden flooring. There are many other possibilities to pair with perhaps a wall-to-wall carpet, or even a superb mosaic of ceramic tiles.

Carnival White Transitional Round Rug


Bringing a room together

Moving from just the floor to assess the entire room, the fourth benefit is the way that a circle rug can bring a more cohesive aspect to that room. It can blend with the current lighting, the shape and style of chosen furnishings, or the style in which the room has been created.

An intimate feel

The last way a small round rug can be so effective is in creating an intimate area in a larger room. For example, a flat weave, hand-braided, round jute rug might be matched with a stylish coffee table to create a separate focal point within the complete aspect of the total room area.

When choosing your round rug to achieve any of the benefits we've mentioned, it's good to have a variety of size options, from 120cm to 240cm. When these possibilities are matched with a variety of materials, from cotton to wool and polypropylene and more - each with their own valuable properties - then the possibilities for round rugs to add so much to your home are certainly worth browsing here: https://www.floorsome.com.au/collections/round-rugs

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This is the second time we have purchased rugs from you and they were both excellent, well made and look great.

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Have an uneven brick patio, purchased the 3m x 4m mat in the hope that it would stop our outdoor setting chairs from catching on the uneven bricks. The mat works a treat, and the chairs glide effortlessly over it in and out from the table. Note: we do have pads on the bottom of the wooden chair legs (always have had), and these obviously help the chairs glide over the mat easily.
Great product, highly recommend, and have purchased a runner in a similar pattern for our office.

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