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Hallway Runner Buying Guide

Hallway Runner Buying Guide 4

If you are reading this blog you might be considering whether or not you need a hallway runner. There are many benefits to putting down a hallway runner, not only do they look great, they will also protect your floor. A hallway is generally a high traffic area which will attract lots of dirt and debris from outside. A good runner will help collect these particles from the floor and stop them being spread further throughout the house. When used in entry ways, they can be used to set the tone for the rest of the home. They are also a great noise insulator and protect your floors from UV damage.


Step 1: Always measure first.

Carnival Runner

Carnival White Transitional Runner Rug

 As a general rule its good to have a 10 - 15 cm gap of visible flooring around the runner on all sides. Its also no problem if you have a larger gap of floor visible at each end if your hallway is a little longer.

Our runners come in sizes of 3m, 4m and 5m long and 80cm wide which should be suitable for most hallways. (To look at sizing just click on the runner you like then look for the drop down "size" menu on the product page) If you have a very long hallway you can easily use two smaller runners and just join them half way. They are fine just sitting next to each other but another option is to have them professionally joined by an over locker. 

A common question we are asked is if we have custom sized runners, the answer to this is no we don't, as all our runners come pre-cut from the manufacturer.

Step 2: Decide on your material

Runner designs

Choosing what your rug is made of is an important consideration in the journey to choosing your ideal runner. Below is some information on different materials.

Wool: Hardwearing and soft, wool is still the gold standard fibre in rugs and for good reason, it will last for years and its luxurious underfoot. Great for high traffic areas. Wool is a little less stain resistant than synthetic fibres so we recommend cleaning stains as soon as you notice them. The drawback with wool is generally they can cost a bit more than synthetic rugs.

Heatset Polypropylene: Feels very soft to the touch and is one of the hardest wearing piles. This fibre is also very stain resistant so great for high traffic areas.

BCF Polypropylene: Generally our cheaper rugs are made from this process. These rugs are well priced but wont wear as hard as the more expensive Heatset Poly and Wool rugs. That said however they will last for years if cared for and are very inexpensive so you can update the look of your hallway without breaking the bank.

Jute/Sisal: Jute and sisal rugs have a natural look that can really bring and organic feel to a hallway. While these rugs are very hard wearing its important to note they will are a little harsher underfoot than some of our other rugs and also can stain easier like all natural rugs so its important to clean up stains as quickly as possible.

Step 3: Choose your style and colour

This is where you personal preference should come into play, look at choosing a hallway runner that will match the style and decor of your home. 


Traditional Runners: These tend to go very well with wooden floors, it will give the hallway a rich inviting feel. If your home has a more traditional style of decor then this style of runner can be a great choice.

Modern Runners: Modern runners go very will with both tiles and and wooden floors. Keep in mind if you are choosing your runner for an entryway then the runner will set the tone for the style in the rest of the house.

Natural Fibre Runners: These runners have more of a natural look to the them and have some great earthy tones for an inviting feel.


Again this will certainly come down to preference but we can offer some tips to help you choose a great colour for your hallway runner.

If your hallway is painted in a fairly neutral colour like white or grey, consider using a brighter bolder colour to add some flair to the space.

You should also consider your colour scheme for the rest of the house and choose a colour that will tie in with your other rugs and decor.

If you have more of a bright colour scheme it can be a good idea to just pick a runner that is similar colour to your flooring and it will blend right in.

Step 4: Other considerations

Chunky Barker Fiber Runner Rug

Do I need a rug pad?


Rug Pads for Runners

Rug pads have several benefits and should be a serious consideration for you when you buy your new runner. Rugs that are subject to heavy traffic can often move around slightly on the floor and a rug pad will keep the rug from moving. Rug pads will also extend the life of your rug as they offer a bit of give under the runner so its not taking the full weight of the traffic that passes over it. If you still aren't sure feel free to give your runner a trial without the rug pad and then if you feel its moving about too much you can always order a rug pad after.

Pile Thickness:

Lastly you should consider the pile height of your runner. Check to make sure it will fit under any doors that may open into the hallway that its sitting in. If you are looking for something really soft underfoot a shag runner can be a great choice. If you have pets and children however and want something that will be easy to keep clean a flat weave pile might be a better choice. Heatset polypropylene rugs are also a great choice for the hard wearing option and are super easy to clean.


That's the end of our guide and we hope it has helped you on your journey to finding the perfect hallway runner, if you have any more questions please do not hesitate to email us at and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have. If you have any comments or suggestions please leave a comment below!







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Try Our Best Selling Rugs

Try Our Best Selling Rugs 4

Choosing a rug can be a hard choice. First, you have to choose what the rug is made of. Do you go acrylic, wool, jute or polypropylene? Then you will need to choose a colour, blue, red, white, yellow, green, orange? Then what size and shape do you need? Round or rectangle?

Are you getting confused yet? Don't worry, this is normal and with so many different choices it can be almost too much to choose from. With all the sizes, styles and shapes Floorsome stocks over 6500 different rugs!

Sometimes you just need to get some inspiration so here are some of our best sellers that are sure to look great on your floor.

We have used customer provided pictures for some of these so you can get a real idea of what they will look like on your floor.

1. Monet Stunning Blue Rug

Monet Stunning Blue Rug

Blue is one colour that never seems to go out of style. Use some blue throw cushions to tie this rug into your decor and it will look amazing on any floor. Its made of a dense hard wearing acrylic material so its soft and long lasting as well.

2.Eternal 910 Grey Rug 

Eternal 910 Grey Rug

Vintage Persian rugs can cost thousands of dollars. With this rug we have recreated that look for a small fraction of the cost. This rug is tip sheared by hand for the stone washed distressed appearance.


3. Urban Curves Rug Charcoal Purple

Urban Curves Rug Charcoal Purple

These Floorsome exclusive shaggy rugs are very popular at the moment. Purple must be in! These rugs a very low maintenance and affordable as well. They are really comfortable to sit on.

4. Plush Luxury Shag Rug Charcoal

Plush Luxury Shag Rug Charcoal

Charcoal rugs are very popular and so easy to match with almost all decor. These rugs combine a mixture of thick heavy strands and thinner shiny strands, this gives the rug a heavy quality feel and look while still having a dazzling look. Very thick and comfortable underfoot.

5. Saffron 11 Natural Rug

Saffron 11 Natural Rug

This rug has only just come into stock in 2019 and is already proving to be a great seller. The 4cm pile height gives the rug a super plush feel underfoot and the fringes look great as well.


6. Skandi 300 Grey Wool Rug

Our Skandi range is currently 20% off so this rug in particular is proving to be very popular. Its a 100% wool rug and a flat weave which means its really soft underfoot while being hard wearing as well. This rug looks and feels very high quality.


Hopefully that has given you a bit of inspiration. If you would like to see all our best sellers head over to our main rug page here which is sorted by best sellers. We are sure you will find something you love. If you need any more advice you can always send us an email at


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Rug Size Guide

Rug Size Guide 4

Pick the perfect rug size, every time.

One of the most common questions we are asked is what size rug should I buy? We have put together this handy guide to help you choose the perfect size rug to go in your home.

The recommended sizes below are just approximates so feel free to choose sizes that are similar.

Before you start!

Measure the area out first. It can be easy to just try and estimate what size rug you want and then end up getting the wrong size and having to send it back! This can be avoided by simply picking the size you think will be suitable and then taking the tape measure and actually measuring out where the rug will end.

Living Room / Lounge Room:


Recommended Sizes: ( 400x300cm, 320x230cm, 290x200cm and 230x160cm(for smaller lounge rooms))

Bigger is better! Although it can be tempting to choose a smaller size rug because they are cheaper this can often make the room look smaller. Make a statement with your rug and go big!

First, look at the coffee table, this will often be where the centre of the rug will be, you would at least want the rug to be large enough to go under the legs of the surrounding lounge and chairs in the room. 



Recommended sizes: (230x160cm, 165x115cm, 130x70cm)

Put the rug under the bed and have a symmetrical border around the edges, make sure the rug is large enough that you can see a good amount of the rug.

Another idea is to get a smaller rug and put it next to the bed, this can add a splash of colour and set the tone for the room. 

Finally you could also buy two small runners in a 200x80cm size and then put one on each side of the bed. We have some of these in a shag pile style and they are super soft under your bare feet:

Click here for 2m runners


Dining Rooms:


Recommended Sizes: ( 400x300cm, 320x230cm, 290x200cm)

With dining rooms you want all the legs of the table and chairs to be on the rug.

Measure your dining table and then add on an extra metre all the way around to allow enough room for you to pull out the chairs and remain on the rug.

Other Rooms:

Entryways: A good runner will do the trick here, measure out the length of your hallway and choose an appropriate size (300x80cm, 400x30cm or 500x80cm).

Note: Have you considered a new door mat? They can be used for a cheap and easy way to change up the look of your entryway. Door mats here.

Hallways: This is what runners are designed for. Again always measure first! This will save on the headache of having to send the runner back for replacement. (300x80cm, 400x30cm or 500x80cm).

Office: A smaller rug may be appropriate here, put a rug under your desk and make sure you have enough room for your chair to move back and forward on the rug. (230x160cm should do the trick!)

Outdoors: Depending on the outdoor setting the rules will be similar to our dining or lounge room size guides. Make sure all the legs of the outdoor furniture are sitting on the rug and allow for enough room for chairs to move back and forth. A large outdoor rug will make a great statement!


Thank you for taking the time to read our guide, we are always on hand to take further questions so please do not hesitate to email us at if you need anymore help with choosing your rug.






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How to choose a rug

How to choose a rug 5

How to choose a rug

Choosing a rug can be a stressful decision to make as there are many factors to consider. Firstly, the colour you choose needs to match the rest of your decor such as your cushions, lounge and wall art. Next, it's important to pick the correct size rug, as a rug that is too small will look out of place and a rug that is too large may cost you more than it needs to. Thirdly, the type of rug should be considered, do you want something that is super soft and fluffy or a harder wearing low pile rug for high traffic areas. All these should be considered before the decision is made.

Start with the rug

If you are decorating an entire room the most common advice from interior decorators is to "start with the rug". This means choose the rug before you pick any other decor. The reason for this is because then you can use the rug as an anchor for the rest of the decor in the room. Rugs are also generally one of the more expensive decor items you will buy for the room so it will probably be changed less than something such a cushion covers.

 Skandi 316 Grey Wool Rug

Skandi 316 Grey Wool Rug



The colour or colours you choose in your rug will be dictated by many factors, but the first thing will be whether you are starting from scratch decorating the room. If so then you can go wild and choose anything that takes your fancy, knowing you will be able to use this to set the mood for the room and choose decor to match it later. If however you are just wanting to freshen up the room or perhaps replace an old rug which is more often the case, then your choices may be a little more restricted.

Take a look around the room, if you have alot of colour and texture in your other furniture and decor, it may be wiser to choose a more plain style of rug to go with the decor you already have. If, however you feel the room needs a bit of a lift, then don't be scared to choose a heavily pattered or brightly coloured rug as this might be just the thing the room needs.

Beautiful Stripped Rainbow Kids Rugs

Add some colour!

Beautiful Stripped Rainbow Kids Rugs

You can also help unify the look of the room by adding some wall art, cushions or perhaps a vase in the same colours as your new rug.



Rugs come in a variety of different materials such as wool, heat set polypropylene, jute, BCF (bulk continuous filament polypropylene) and more. This can be a little confusing so we have a little guide below to help you choose a material for your rug.

Wool: Hardwearing and soft, wool is still the gold standard fibre in rugs and for good reason, it will last for years and its luxurious underfoot. Great for high traffic areas. Wool is a little less stain resistant than synthetic fibres so we recommend cleaning stains as soon as you notice them. The drawback with wool is generally they can cost quite a bit more than synthetic rugs.

Wool rugs in soft pastel colours can make a room feel more inviting.

Loft Stunning Wool Pink Rug

Heatset Polypropylene: Feels very soft to the touch and is one of the hardest wearing piles. This fibre is also very stain resistant so great for high traffic areas.

Tabriz Transitional Modern Rug White Navy Grey

BCF Polypropylene: Generally our cheaper rugs are made from this process. These rugs are well priced but wont wear as hard as the more expensive Heatset Poly and Wool rugs. That said however they will last for years if cared for and are very inexpensive so you can update the look of your room with out breaking the bank.

Uber Cool Black Rug Grey Ivory Rug

Uber Cool Black Rug Grey Ivory Rug

Jute/Sisal: Jute and sisal rugs have a natural look that can really bring and organic feel to a room. While these rugs are very hard wearing its important to note they will are a little harsher underfoot than some of our other rugs and also can stain easier like all natural rugs so its important to clean up stains as quickly as possible.

Tumu Hand Woven Tribal Jute Rug


 Tumu Hand Woven Tribal Jute Rug



We often get asked what size rug people should buy for their house. This one can be hard to answer as there are a few things to consider such as furniture and room size. 

Small Rugs - Small rugs are usually from 150x80cm up to 170x120cm. Great for small living areas and bedrooms, these size rugs can be used to highlight furniture pieces as well.

Medium Rugs - The standard size for a medium rug is 230x160cm. Our most popular size rug. Great for under the coffee table in your living room, bedrooms and home offices.

Large Rugs - 290x200cm, good size for most lounge rooms, and dining rooms. This size will allow you to have the feet of your furniture on the rug which generally looks better than having a smaller rug.

Extra Large Rugs - Extra large rugs are generally considered to be 330x240cm to 400x300cm. Extra large size rugs are great for large living rooms, 8-10 seat dining settings, master bedrooms and large entertaining areas.


Skandi 300 Grey Wool Rug

230x160cm can go well at the end of your bed



Thanks for reading our guide, and we hope this helps you on your journey to finding a new rug. 

If you need more help please send us an email to


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In this blog article we go over two design trends we are seeing come through this year. Rugs are a very important part of any room design. They are also easy to change and freshen up the look of a room if you wish to do that as well.


Modern Bohemian

modern bohemian

Colour is back!. While you will still be surrounded by boho décor, colour fans will be happy to hear, that colour is making a comeback, in the form of modern bohemian.

Deep Green, as in this Diamond Twist rug is right in vogue this year and if you team it with a deep green velvet lounge, you will have hit the mark.

Green Diamond Twist Rug

Diamond Twist Green Rug


Not a fan of green? Navy and Taupe is also a great colour combination this season and teams well with any colour. Sticking with neutrals on the walls and adding colour with your soft furnishings, such as rugs and cushions, is always a good rule to follow.

Our Oasis range is heavily inspired by the modern bohemian design trend, available in vivid brights and soft neutral palettes to suit various design themes.

Oasis 455 Navy Tribal Rug

Oasis 455 Navy Tribal Rug

Urban Tribe Designer Rug Blue

Urban Tribe Designer Rug Blue



Jungalow Style

An example of Jungalow style


Navy also goes well with the next trend, which you may have seen a hint of in Summer. 

Jungalow is all things botanical, and is inspired by blogger, Junstina Blackeney. Indoor pot plants and wall paper with palm trees are back in vogue this season and there is some great rattan furniture to complete the look. Think palm springs, capri, Hawaii, its all in the mix.

Capri Palm Springs Stone and Soft Blue Rug

Capri Palm Springs Stone and Soft Blue Rug


MOROCCAN Recycled Plastic Mat, AUBERGINE & White 1.8 x 2.7m


In closing, as it has been with the last 10 years or so, you can make any trend your own, as long as the colours are right, and you have a workable and balanced space to live in, or Hygge as the Swedish would say.

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Guide to Buying a Doormat

Guide to Buying a Doormat 0



As we head towards winter its time to take a look at the often overlooked item that will help keep your floors looking cleaner and add to the first impression that guests have of your home. Which item are we talking about?.. The mighty doormat of course!

Much of the dirt that is bought into your home from shoes and be stopped in its tracks with a good quality door mat. Not only does a door mat stop dirt being bought in and make your life easier but it can also look amazing and set colour tone for rest of your house.


All door mats are NOT born equal so in this weeks blog article we will take a look at some of the different types and work out which is suitable for you.


Coir Doormats: 

Coir Doormat

Coir is a natural fibre that is extracted from the husk of a coconut. They can come in both a PVC backed or unbacked form. The unbacked mats will allow water to drain through. These mats are available in a many different qualities, its important to check the thickness and weight because the super cheap ones will just fall apart over time. Quality really matters here.

Pros: These mats are excellent at scraping dirt off shoes and are also some of the best looking (in our humble opinion) mats around.

Cons: Coir is natural fibre so generally do shed a bit. Meaning over the life of the mat some of the mat will come into the house with you. This is quite minimal however but its something to be aware of when considering your new doormat.



Rubber Doormats:

Rubber Doormat

Rubber doormats are the most functional mats, often used in commercial applications these can still be suitable in domestic situations where appearance isn't as important such as the entry from a garage.

Pros: Very good at removing dirt from shoes, generally have holes in them so water can drain through. They can also be used as comfort mats if you need to stand in one place for a long period of time. (more of a commercial use generally)

Cons: Not the most attractive door mats around. Generally just black in colour and functional looking. Can sometimes deteriorate in extreme cold. (generally not applicable to Australian climate however unless you live on a mountain!)


Synthetic Pile Doormats:

These doormats usually have a pile made from Polypropylene and have a rubber dam around the edge which acts as a barrier to stop dirt from coming off the mat and well as keeping moisture on the pile as well. These also usually have a non slip backing.

Pros: Excellent at removing dirt as well as the best at removing moisture from shoes, this is important to note. If its been raining these will do a great job at getting most of the water off the shoes and stop it from coming inside.

Cons: Not as good looking as a coir doormat generally. Polypropylene can also flatten over time so the life of these mats is sometimes not as good as a rubber or coir doormat.


Tips for using doormats effectively:


Use doormats at ALL entrances to your home: Even from areas such as garages. It will pay off because you will have to do less vacuuming

Mat both inside and outside: Meaning one outside the door and one inside. This gives you two opportunities to stop the dirt coming in. Often using a great looking coir outside the door and then a Synthetic doormat inside is a great combo because one will scrape the shoe and then any left over dirt or moisture will be absorbed by the second mat


Clean your doormats often: Over time a door mat can get so full of dirt it wont be able to do its job anymore. Just shake the mat or hit it against a solid surface and it will be good to go!


Of course Floorsome has you covered for all your doormat needs, see our full range of doormats here:


Thanks for reading our blog post. If you have any comments to add please leave one below!






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