Guide to Recycled Plastic Outdoor Rugs and Mats

Guide to Recycled Plastic Outdoor Rugs and Mats

Here at Floorsome we are very proud of our recycled plastic rug and mat range. We offer once of the largest selections in Australia. With our speedy shipping times you can literally order one of these beauties and have them sitting on your deck on patio within a few days! Being made from recycled plastic means you are doing your bit for the environment.


Outdoor Rug Recycled Plastic - Brooklyn Blue

Outdoor Rug Recycled Plastic - Brooklyn Blue


How are they made?

The plastic used in these rugs is selected from a variety of different sources such as plastic bags, drink bottles, medicine bottles, tin foil, shopping bags, carpet fibres and a range of other things that are normally thrown into landfill. Normally these items would sit in landfill for many years so the fact they can be re purposed into new items is wonderful news.

The plastic items are then melted down into large vats which have a colour dye mixed in with them. This melted down plastic is then forced through a pipe so it comes out in the form of straws. The straws are then woven around spool which can then go onto a loom.

The loom then weaves the plastic straws together creating the mat!. After the mat is finished the ends are capped off with tape. For some of the larger mats they may be stitched together. (If a mat is stitched together this will be advertised). The result is a wonderfully soft yet hard-wearing mat that will last many years.

Outdoor Rug Recycled Plastic - Kilimanjaro

Outdoor Rug Recycled Plastic - Kilimanjaro


What other uses do they have?

Of course most of of our customers use their recycled plastic rugs for under an outdoor setting but don't think this is all they are good for! These rugs can also be great as an easily washable indoor rug. Often used in kids rooms or play areas where spills are common. As these rugs are very light they can easily be rolled up and taken to a variety of outdoor activities such and camping, the beach, picnics, sporting events and BBQ's.

HIGH TIDE Recycled Plastic Outdoor Mat / Rug, Green & Grey 3x3m

HIGH TIDE Recycled Plastic Outdoor Mat / Rug, Green & Grey 3x3m can be used for camping and is easy to fold up.


What is a PET rug?

You might see some of our recycled rugs with the PET label on them and wonder what does this mean? The main difference with these rugs is the feel of them. Our PET rugs feel more like a wool rug than a plastic rug. They are made from recycled plastic bottles.Although they have the appearance to something closer to an indoor rug these rugs are still totally fine to get wet and are UV treated. Select one of these rugs if you want a rug that is soft like wool and can still be used outside without worry. These rugs also make great indoor rugs!

Indoor Outdoor Recycled Plastic PET Polypropylene Rug Longwood

Indoor Outdoor Recycled Plastic PET Polypropylene Rug Longwood


How do I clean my rug or mat?

As these rugs are totally waterproof simply hose them down and then let to air dry or even hang it on the line. For spot cleaning just use some kitchen spray such and spray and wipe.


Where can I get one?

We have a large range of recycled plastic rugs and mats right here :https://www.floorsome.com.au/collections/recycled-plastic-outdoor-rugs


How long will it take to get to me?

Our recycled plastic rugs are usually shipped the next business day and can take anywhere from 1-5 business days to get you depending on where you live. They are shipped from our warehouses in Sydney and Tweed Heads.





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