Elevate Your Home Aesthetic: Floorsome's Stunning Rug Collection for 2023

Elevate Your Home Aesthetic: Floorsome's Stunning Rug Collection for 2023

Hello, rug aficionados! As we embrace 2023, it's time to rejuvenate our living spaces with the latest stylish rugs. Let's explore some of the the exciting new offerings from Floorsome, certain to add a touch of comfort and flair to your home.

Here are some of our most exciting new additions:

August Range

August Mia Natural Rug

Say hello to August, our playful and plush new rug collection! Inspired by the boho charm of hand-made rugs, these Turkish machine-crafted beauties have a unique, on-trend texture that's also timeless.

The fringed edges bring a touch of whimsy to your floors, while the high-low pile adds a visual punch. Not only are these rugs a treat for the eyes, but they're also practical. They're easy to clean and perfect for those bustling areas in your home.

Whether you want to cozy up your living room or add a welcoming touch to your bedroom, August rugs, with their boho vibe and durable construction, are ready to revamp your space.

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Decora Range

Decora Range

Step right up and meet the Decora collection, where rustic charm meets chic design. Imagine the variegated textures adding a dash of panache to your living spaces, indoors or out. These Belgian beauties are not just easy on the eyes, but also a breeze to clean.

Worry about foot traffic? Not with Decora! They're tough cookies, ready to handle the hustle and bustle. Plus, their plush 9mm pile makes them the belle of the ball in any showcase area. With a contemporary vibe and natural cream and grey tones, these rugs are ready to dance right into your life and elevate your lifestyle!

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Tango Range

Who needs 50 shades of grey when this plush Tango rug dances with tones of latte, cream, and white! An absolute superstar for any space, it jazzes up your decor with its monochrome harmony. Lusciously shaggy, it tickles your toes and also happens to be a breeze to clean. Perfect to add some cozy glam in your bedroom or living room, this rug redefines understated elegance. So, get ready to tango with this delightful, low-maintenance charmer!

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Aria Range


Step right up and meet the Aria collection: the rugs that have it all! Graphic designs that make a statement? Check! Subtle tones jazzed up with splashes of blue, red, and fashionable green? Absolutely! The Aria rugs bring contemporary chic to any interior style. But wait, there's more! These smooth, carved beauties are made from 100% microset polypropylene, making them super soft and oh-so resistant to stains. Did we mention they won't shed? All the style, none of the fuss. The Aria rug: your floor's new best friend!

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Meet the Marigold! This Turkish delight does more than just dress your floor – it infuses your room with peace and balance. The secret's in its captivating arch designs, as timeless as a cherished memory. Power-loomed to perfection, it boasts a dreamy 30mm pile height that your toes will adore. Its soft color palette is like a deep breath of tranquility. Marigold: because who said you can't walk on a cloud of calm every day?

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Hold on to your hats, adventurers! Our store is brimming with brand-new ranges, and we're always adding more. Imagine a treasure hunt, but instead of a map, you have a handy link below. Click it and start your journey! From the hottest trends to timeless treasures, our virtual aisles are teeming with delightful discoveries. So, brew a cuppa, sit back, and let your fingers do the exploring. The thrill of the hunt awaits at the click of a button. Ready? Set? Let's dive into the fun!

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Choosing a rug is an exciting journey to find the perfect piece that reflects your personality and enhances your space. With Floorsome's 2023 collection, there's something for everyone, from bold, eye-catching designs to subtler, elegant patterns. This year promises to be a great time for revamping your home decor with Floorsome. Happy rug hunting!

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Great service

Not only do I love my rugs but the service was fantastic. Delivery was fast and on time. Fully recommend this company

Pink rug

I have received my rug from floor some it so beautiful I recommend floorsoms Brett was very helpful and straight away he answered my message thank you so much

Quality rug not cheap material. Overall happy with product and price.

Great quality
Used it as our camp mat
Kids lay on it to play games
Very comfortable

Only dislike
For the price wish it was abit bigger

Perfect Rug

Rug is perfect for the space selected. Looks great and easy to keep clean.