FIve of the Hottest Rugs for 2021

FIve of the Hottest Rugs for 2021

We are constantly updating our range to make sure we are on top of the latest design trends. In 2020 we added hundreds of new rugs to our collection and a few of these have risen to the top to emerge as best sellers. 

Transitional rugs have been the biggest emergent style over the last couple of years as well as rugs with fringes such as Saffron

We are still seeing shag pile rugs sell well and also natural fibre rugs such as jute and wool.


#5 Dimensions 420 Blush Modern Rug

 Dimensions 420 Blush Modern Rug

Although this rug was released a few years ago it continues to sell strongly, the soft pink hues of the rug tie in really well with pink cushions. This rug is heat set polypropylene so its hard wearing and easy to take care of. 

Shop Dimensions 420 Blush Modern Rug


#4 Allure Stone Cotton Rayon Rug

Allure Stone Cotton Rayon Rug

For those looking for a natural option for their rug, the Allure Stone Cotton Rayon Rug is a great choice. It features a 65% Rayon and 35% Cotton pile which gives it a luxury feel underfoot while still being affordable. Rayon is created from regenerated plant material that has the quality of pure silk and is anti-static.

Love our new rug :)


#3 Laguna Pink Shaggy Rug

Laguna Pink

We have found shag pile rugs have become a little less popular than they used to be however this one continues to be a best seller for us. Many of our customers put this rug down in bedrooms as it provides a beautifully thick soft underfoot feel while the colour is calm and inviting.

Great rug


#2 Alpine Shaggy Charcoal

Alpine Shaggy Charcoal

Yes, its another shag pile rug! The Alpine shaggy has been another strong seller for us. You can really go wrong with a rug like this as they will go with almost any colour combination and are really nice to walk on in bare feet.

Shag rugs will also last a long time as they have such a thick pile.

Shop Alpine Shaggy Charcoal


#1 Chunky Natural Jute Barker Bleach Rug

Chunky Natural Jute Barker Bleach Rug

This rug is our best seller so far for 2021. This rug is hand loomed and made of jute, a natural fibre. Its important to remember with jute rugs that they aren't as soft underfoot as polypropylene or wool rugs. They are extremely hard wearing however and look amazing.

These come in a variety of colours but this bleached style is the most popular and we think its due to the natural understated neutral tones that can tie in with almost any other colour.

Shop Chunky Natural Jute Barker Bleach Rug


Its going to be an exciting year as we have more ranges to be released this year and will continue to keep up with the latest in trends so be sure to check back to the website regularly for the latest releases.



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Excellent Rug

This is the second time we have purchased rugs from you and they were both excellent, well made and look great.

Perfect Outcome

Have an uneven brick patio, purchased the 3m x 4m mat in the hope that it would stop our outdoor setting chairs from catching on the uneven bricks. The mat works a treat, and the chairs glide effortlessly over it in and out from the table. Note: we do have pads on the bottom of the wooden chair legs (always have had), and these obviously help the chairs glide over the mat easily.
Great product, highly recommend, and have purchased a runner in a similar pattern for our office.

Maison Zoe
Niki Mitchell
Maison Zoe Rug

Wow! Love, love this rug it's amazing quality, everyone who sees it wants one! I would highly recommend Floorsome, and have done to all my friends. Great customer service, great quality and cheapest prices. I will be back, you guys are awesome!

Courtyard 5505 Grey Indoor Outdoor Rug

Great mat for my kitchen thank you