Door Mat Advice

Door Mat Advice

Here at Floorsome we absolutely love door mats and we get a lot of questions from customers asking which door mat is right for me?

Well that all depends.. so read on

If you are after a purely practical solution for matting for your entryways we highly recommend a polypropylene door mat with a rubber edge. These sorts of mats are fantastic because the fibre they use is the same as in most commercial carpets so you know they will be hard-wearing. Secondly having a rubber dam around the edge will keep all the dirt on the mat instead of bringing it inside with you. Thirdly these mats usually have a non-slip backing so they wont go anywhere.

If you want a mat to stand out and make an impression then you cant go past a printed coir mat. These mats always look great and have a PVC backing which acts as a nonslip function as well as keeping the mat together for years and years! All out printed coir mats have this as well as high definition dye that stays looking great for a long time.

Stay tuned for more advice and please email us at info@floorsome.com.au for any advice on which mat to buy.


We are also adding new products each week.

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  • Brett Ryder
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Great quality, definitely pet friendly

Quality was better than expected for the price I paid. I got this rug as we have 2 border collies and a little one about to start crawling and I was worried about the fur that I struggled to clean out of our old rug. Removing the fur from this rug is so much easier!! Definitely happy with this purchase, looks great too.

Good rug

Great rug at a great price. Came quickly. Easy to deal with thanks

Outdoor rug

Just perfect for our outdoor area. Beautiful colours and pattern. Light, easy to clean. Very happy with purchase. Floorsome easy to deal with. Ordered online and had it in no time

Floorsome have awsome products at fantastic prices

I have purchased several outdoor rugs recyclable plastic and the colours have not faded one bit over two years on north facing patio, prices are the best anywhere, free delivery to rural victoria, floorsome are the best.

Avenue 703 Grey Round Rug