What's Hot in Rugs and Homewares in 2017?

What's Hot in Rugs and Homewares in 2017?

There are some exciting things happening in rugs and home wares in the 2017 rug season. So before you rush online and buy something to cover the floors, you should read this article and know what you should be looking for in floor coverings in 2017.

First thing is to get your tribal on, because you will see feather Ju Jus, tribal necklaces, and handmade shell and macrame items flood the home wares market.

So handmade and ethnic are the words of the moment. 


 Medallion Jute Rug - Floorsome

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Jute and sisal rugs are very popular , as they can give an instant lift to any decor, and are as natural as you can get. Think beachy, natural, calming.  Moroccan wedding blankets will be used as throws, and hand dipped cotton cushions will complete the picture. Rugs that will be in vogue are Moroccan style, tribal, and a flat weave in a trellis design. 

Think tactile, natural, in beiges, browns, and creams. Think geometric, flat weave designs as well, such as Kilms. Geometric flat weaves are also still very much in fashion. These will compliment your existing decor perfectly, or match your new updated look, with pot plants, tribal necklace and jute baskets, all setting the scene for a more natural handmade feeling in our homes. A word of warning,  don't go for everything in a handmade, vintage look, or your room may end up looking like a tribute to the 70's museum.

 Not all rugs are handmade, and there are still plenty of machine made rugs that are much easier on the purse strings to give you that feeling. Just add a few gorgeous handmade crochet cushions and you will have an instant update! 



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If cream and natural are not your thing, you can add colour with the whole range of greens, teals and deeper blues, which will also match perfectly with the trend of indoor pot plants in concrete pots and macrame holders, also entering the market this year. Machine made rugs are the best idea for coloureds, as they wont fade and are much easier to clean than handmades. Don't have a green thumb? Don't worry, you can fake it somewhat with leafy green cushions, and dare we say it, fake succulents. 

So, shop for Moroccan, Kilm, Flat weaves and short shags.Think Marrakesh, Far East, Oriental, and anything that evokes that feeling 


What is driving this trend? My feeling is the chaotic political situation, and a renewed awareness of the fragile nature of the planet, has made us retreat back to what we considered a simpler time, when we knitted, and crocheted our way through our everyday lives. Its been coming for awhile, but its here, and I for one, as a child of the 70's couldnt be happier. 

 Jute and Cotton Round Rug 90cm wide - Floorsome

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