7 Best Selling Modern Rugs for 2017

7 Best Selling Modern Rugs for 2017

2017 has been a huge year for Floorsome. We have brought on several new suppliers and essentially doubled our product range. We now sell over 2000 different products! This is only good news for our customers as it means we will generally have something for every home and every room. 

One of our biggest challenges however has been how to organise so many rug designs into the store in a clear and concise way where everything is easy to find.

Below are our current seven best selling modern rugs for 2017 and will hopefully give you a little inspiration if you are feeling overwhelmed with so much choice in picking your rug!

We have also included some customer pictures.


#7 Whisper Quad Grey Rug

Whisper Quad Grey Rug


The pink tones in this rug really pop and make it stand out as a conversation piece for the room. It also has a stone washed Persian style at a fraction of what one of these rugs would normally cost.

Price Range

$199 - $649

Link : https://www.floorsome.com.au/collections/modern-rugs/products/whisper-quad-grey-rug


#6 Amilia Cotton and Jute Rug Multi

Amilia Cotton and Jute Rug Multi

 These rugs are 100% hand made in India by skilled artisans they will add a splash of colour to any floor that is looking a little bland. Being a flat weave they are also extremely hard wearing.

Price Range

$139 - $329

Link: https://www.floorsome.com.au/products/amilia-cotton-and-jute-rug-multi


#5 Stunning Thick Leaf Rug Charcoal

Stunning Thick Leaf Rug Charcoal

This rug is great because its still quite neutral but has a splash of green and blue in it. Tie this is with some cushions and it will look fantastic!

Price Range $79.95 - $429

Link: https://www.floorsome.com.au/products/stunning-thick-leaf-rug-charcoal


#4 Whisper Diamond Grey Rug

Whisper Diamond Grey Rug

Another favourite in the Whisper range, the Diamond Grey version looks just as stunning as the Quad Grey version. The stonewashed look is really in this year and this rug just looks so good with its pink tones and patterns. It really becomes a talking point for the room.

Price Range

$199 - $649

Link https://www.floorsome.com.au/collections/modern-rugs/products/whisper-diamond-grey-rug


#3 Modern Spring Leaf Rug Black

Modern Spring Leaf Rug Black

These polypropylene rugs represent amazing value and it shows in how popular they are. You can get a full lounge room size (230x160cm) rug for only $99 with free shipping! Polypropylene rugs are also very hard wearing so these rugs will last for years to come and on top of that they also look great!

Price Range

$99 - $169

Link: https://www.floorsome.com.au/collections/modern-rugs/products/modern-spring-leaf-rug-black

#2 Monet Stunning Blue Rug

Monet Stunning Blue Rug

We are finding blue rugs to be very popular this year and this particular rug has been a superstar performer for us. Hard wearing, easy to clean and a soft acrylic pile, you really cant go wrong here.

Price range: $99 - $329

Link to product page : https://www.floorsome.com.au/collections/modern-rugs/products/monet-stunning-blue-rug


#1 Uber Cool Black Rug Grey Ivory Rug

Uber Cool Black Rug Grey Ivory Rug

 This rug is our best seller by far, we think its because its only $89.95 with free shipping Australia wide and looks really fantastic! Another rug made from polypropylene, it will last for many years and is soft underfoot.

Price $89.95

Link: https://www.floorsome.com.au/collections/modern-rugs/products/uber-cool-black-rug-grey-ivory-rug


Well there you go, our best selling modern rugs. I hope this will provide you with some inspiration and help you with your choice in finding a rug to suit your home.

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