Natural Fibre Rugs

Natural Fibre Rugs


Sisal, Cotton, Jute, & Wool rugs are all made from naturally occurring plant and animal materials and have grown in popularity due to the fact they are environmentally friendly while adding an organic natural look to your home. These rugs are also harder wearing in general than other rugs. So when buying one of these rugs there are several things to consider.


So lets go over each type of material you may find in natural fibre rugs, starting with....



Jute is very popular due to the fact that its softer than other materials while still being hard wearing. Jute has a natural brown hue due to the way its harvested. It actually grows in green stalks which are then soaked stripped and spun. These rugs are at home just as much in an office as they are in a beach shack.

Cleaning Tip: Spot clean and vacuum regularly. 

Our favourite Jute Rug:

Iris Indigo Blue Jute Rug from $130 

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Blue Jute Rug




Sisal is the strongest of the natural fibre rugs, so much so its often used in rope and twine. It's derived from the green leaves of the agave sisalana cactus plant which grows in Africa and Brazil. Because sisal is such a strong fibre its a great choice for high traffic areas. Sisal is coarser underfoot than jute however and shouldn't be used in any wet areas as it tends to absorb liquids and can strain easier than other natural fibre rugs.

Cleaning Tip:

The key here is to clean stains as quickly as possible before they soak into the fibre. These rugs also benefit from a regular vacuum.

Our favourite Sisal Rug

Natural Sisal Rug Boucle Marble from $99

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Sisal Rug



Cotton is a natural fibre manufactured from the cotton plant. Durable and very easy to clean, cotton is commonly used for flat or woven styles. Cotton rugs are really well priced and are a great way to spruce up an area without breaking the bank. Many of our cotton rugs are reversible as well so you can get two designs for the price of one!

Cleaning tip:

Regular vacuum as well a spot cleaning is essential. These rugs can also benefit from occasional dry cleaning.

Our favourite cotton rug:

Blueberry Cotton Printed Braided Round Blue Rug from $99

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Cotton Rug Round 


Wool Rugs

Super hard wearing, super soft and super long lasting. Wool is the gold standard for natural fibre rugs. Although wool rugs can be more expensive than other types of natural fibre rugs they will last such a long time that they are generally a great investment. They also respond well to steam cleaning and can come up good as new years down the line. The only small drawback with wool is it can stain a little easier than synthetic fibre rugs and as such stains should be treated as quickly as possible.


Cleaning tip: Regular vacuuming and spot cleaning. If a spill is made its essential the stain is cleaned as quickly as possible.


Our favourite wool rug:

Carlos Felted Wool Rug Black Natural from $399

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Wool Rug


We hope this guide has made choosing your next natural fibre rug a little easier. If you need more help you can always send us an email at info@floorsome.com.au and we will be happy to assist!

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