5 Best Australian Home Decor Blogs 2017

5 Best Australian Home Decor Blogs 2017

These days there is so much information online about home decor that it can get a little overwhelming. Below I have listed my favorite sites to consult when I need some tips or advice on a new DIY project I'm working on.


#1 DIY Decorator 

Absolutely love this website, hit up the top decorating posts and there is a whole wealth of information such as coffee table styling, style a book case and the secret to decorating a fireplace. 

Drawing the focus into the centre of the room. Cool

From the about us section of the site:

Hi! I'm Kylie. I can help you decorate your home in a classic style and create a home you'll love. Here at DIY Decorator, you'll find simple, practical decorating tips and DIY projects to help you create a beautiful home.

Start with the link below :-)

DIY Decorator


#2 The Design Files

Love the earthy colour tones in this pic.

Started in 2008 The Design Files covers Australian design in all its forms – from architecture and interiors to gardens, food, fine art and craft.  The Design Files has been featured in various publications, including Real Living MagazineDesign Quarterly and Inside Out Magazine. Our favourite section is the Australian Homes section which showcases real Aussie houses you can totally relate to.

The Design Files


 #3 Interiors Addict

Pink and green working in perfect harmony

This site was started in 2011 by Jen Bishop. It was a hobby that blossomed into a full on interiors news site with 90,000 Aussie readers. The site features daily articles with my favourite being Jens Lust List. A unique feature of the site is the job board where people can post up jobs relating to interior design for free!

The Interiors Addict


 #4 Get in my Home

I love how this dog is nearly the same colour and texture as the rug.

The blog has won many awards and listed in several "best of" lists. The founder, Emily Osmond mentions starting the website in 2012 as a way of sharing inspiration and tips for gorgeous spaces and products. It features a cool article called "5 ways to create a serotonin-full home" with a focus on using the space you have to make you feel happy.

Get in my Home


#5 Yellow Trace

Yellow Trace

 So so happy, that monkey must be hilarious.

With daily updates yellow trace offers heaps of information making it more of a design news site than a blog.  The founder is Dana Tomić Hughes who works with her partner Nick to create one of Australia's leading home decor information sites.

Yellow Trace


Well there you have it. I would have put Floorsome's Flooring Blog at the top of the list but apparently I am biased so I left it off. Or maybe it just goes without saying who knows.

Thanks for reading and leave a comment on any more blogs you cant live without.


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  • Brett Ryder
Comments 5
  • Glicks Furniture
    Glicks Furniture

    wow! fantastic blog sharing for home decor. Without your help in decorating my home! Thanks

  • Samuel Miller
    Samuel Miller

    Great work !! I am inspired by your work and got some great ideas. Thanks and keep sharing.

  • Toran Home Furnishing
    Toran Home Furnishing

    Thanks!!, for guid in DIy decorato. you have provide best information about home decore.

  • Rusell Soon
    Rusell Soon

    I really love looking at Design Blogs. It inspires me to mix and match great pieces of Contemporary Furniture and turn them into a modern and elegant one. I especially love designs of Cane-line.

  • Kylie

    Thanks Brett for including DIY Decorator. I really appreciate it. Cheers Kylie

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