7 Reasons Why You Need an Outdoor Rug in Your Life.

7 Reasons Why You Need an Outdoor Rug in Your Life.

 Outdoor rugs are one of our specialties here at Floorsome. So many satisfied customers have made me want to share some reasons why we think a recycled outdoor rug is something you need in your life.


1. They bring your outdoor setting to life.

To prove this point I want to show you two examples. 

Firstly here is a pic of a white timber outdoor setting without an outdoor rug under it.

Boring outdoor setting

This is missing something.......

I'm really sorry if the person who took this pic or owns this sees this, its actually really nice but its missing something. (I wonder what that could be)

Exhibit B:

Great looking outdoor rug 

Now we are talking

Obviously these aren't the exact same outdoor settings but very similar. Just by adding the outdoor rug suddenly the whole thing pops and the colours all tie in together.  White and blue always work well and this is no exception.


2. Easy to clean

All you need to do to care for these rugs is turn the hose on them once in a while. Because they are made of plastic mold cannot grow on them. If you do happen to spill something like red wine or tomato sauce on it just use some carbonated water and a soft cloth and the mark is gone!

Coles carbonated water

Click on the picture to find delicious soda water from Coles.



 3. Environmentally Friendly

Its really important to be conscious of your environmental impact. All our outdoor rugs are made from 100% recycled plastic. Old milk cartons, plastic bags etc are collected and used to make the fibres that are wound together to make these rugs. They actually feel really soft while being super hard wearing.

(Also lets be honest, it makes it easier to justify the purchase if you tell yourself you are helping the environment right?)


Environmentally Friendly

Mother earth loves you, make sure you love her back. (not guilt tripping you i swear).


4. Use them anywhere around the home

Using these rugs under an outdoor setting is only the suggested use. You can use them anywhere in your house, you need something hard wearing, waterproof and great looking. Just don't forget to put a rug pad under it if its going to be on a hard floor.

I can suggest kitchens, kids rooms, entryways and the laundry to name a few.

Outdoor rug in kids room

Just take it outside and hose it off when they spill stuff all over it.


5. Use them as picnic or camping rugs

Again the versatility of these rugs shows through when you realise you can take them everywhere and anywhere. Take one with you on a nice picnic with your family, they are so light and easy to clean they really do shine at this. 

Going camping? Put one down out the front of your tent or caravan to keep the dirt at bay and have a nice soft clean surface to sit on.


Me on a picnic in the beautiful Neil Hawkins Park in Joondalup, Western Australia.


6. Price

In terms of being able to completely redefine how and area looks the value of one of these rugs is unbeatable. A good quality indoor rug generally costs at least $200 - $300. Our best selling outdoor rug the Lhasa Orange and Violet in its largest size (270cm x 180cm) is only $105 delivered to your door!


If you don't need such a large size we also have some great smaller ones like this black and white one.


7. So many styles and colours

Boho style

Boho style backyard. Stunning

The above picture really speaks for itself. Use one of these rugs to make your outdoor (or indoor) area work for you and have the look and feel you want.

And of course all of our outdoor rugs are available right here with free delivery. 


If you have any more reasons why outdoor rugs are the best please leave a comment below.





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