Try Our Best Selling Rugs

Try Our Best Selling Rugs

Choosing a rug can be a hard choice. First, you have to choose what the rug is made of. Do you go acrylic, wool, jute or polypropylene? Then you will need to choose a colour, blue, red, white, yellow, green, orange? Then what size and shape do you need? Round or rectangle?

Are you getting confused yet? Don't worry, this is normal and with so many different choices it can be almost too much to choose from. With all the sizes, styles and shapes Floorsome stocks over 6500 different rugs!

Sometimes you just need to get some inspiration so here are some of our best sellers that are sure to look great on your floor.

We have used customer provided pictures for some of these so you can get a real idea of what they will look like on your floor.

1. Monet Stunning Blue Rug

Monet Stunning Blue Rug

Blue is one colour that never seems to go out of style. Use some blue throw cushions to tie this rug into your decor and it will look amazing on any floor. Its made of a dense hard wearing acrylic material so its soft and long lasting as well.

2.Eternal 910 Grey Rug 

Eternal 910 Grey Rug

Vintage Persian rugs can cost thousands of dollars. With this rug we have recreated that look for a small fraction of the cost. This rug is tip sheared by hand for the stone washed distressed appearance.


3. Urban Curves Rug Charcoal Purple

Urban Curves Rug Charcoal Purple

These Floorsome exclusive shaggy rugs are very popular at the moment. Purple must be in! These rugs a very low maintenance and affordable as well. They are really comfortable to sit on.

4. Plush Luxury Shag Rug Charcoal

Plush Luxury Shag Rug Charcoal

Charcoal rugs are very popular and so easy to match with almost all decor. These rugs combine a mixture of thick heavy strands and thinner shiny strands, this gives the rug a heavy quality feel and look while still having a dazzling look. Very thick and comfortable underfoot.

5. Saffron 11 Natural Rug

Saffron 11 Natural Rug

This rug has only just come into stock in 2019 and is already proving to be a great seller. The 4cm pile height gives the rug a super plush feel underfoot and the fringes look great as well.


6. Skandi 300 Grey Wool Rug

Our Skandi range is currently 20% off so this rug in particular is proving to be very popular. Its a 100% wool rug and a flat weave which means its really soft underfoot while being hard wearing as well. This rug looks and feels very high quality.


Hopefully that has given you a bit of inspiration. If you would like to see all our best sellers head over to our main rug page here which is sorted by best sellers. We are sure you will find something you love. If you need any more advice you can always send us an email at info@floorsome.com.au


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  • Brett Ryder
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2653 reviews
Excellent Rug

This is the second time we have purchased rugs from you and they were both excellent, well made and look great.

Perfect Outcome

Have an uneven brick patio, purchased the 3m x 4m mat in the hope that it would stop our outdoor setting chairs from catching on the uneven bricks. The mat works a treat, and the chairs glide effortlessly over it in and out from the table. Note: we do have pads on the bottom of the wooden chair legs (always have had), and these obviously help the chairs glide over the mat easily.
Great product, highly recommend, and have purchased a runner in a similar pattern for our office.

Maison Zoe
Niki Mitchell
Maison Zoe Rug

Wow! Love, love this rug it's amazing quality, everyone who sees it wants one! I would highly recommend Floorsome, and have done to all my friends. Great customer service, great quality and cheapest prices. I will be back, you guys are awesome!

Courtyard 5505 Grey Indoor Outdoor Rug

Great mat for my kitchen thank you